About us

Our company develops and successfully promotes games for mobile devices and social networks. We work on all product and marketing processes ourselves, from brainstorming new ideas to attracting users. Our portfolio includes 3 hit games played by more than 2 million people around the globe every day.

Brief history

Since the company was established in 2010 and up to the third quarter of 2013 we published games for other teams on Russian social networks: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, My World.

In 2013, we decided to stop external publishing work altogether and focus on our own development. In the same year we launched the Ghost Tales game on Facebook. In 6 months the game was in the top 20 biggest games on this platform. Currently we have more than 20 games for social networks, the most successful of which are: Wonder Way, Citadels, and Ghost Tales are still supported.

In 2015, Webgames focused on the development of mobile games (iOS, Android, Amazon), and by mid-2016 we launched Ghost Town Adventures, which shows stable growth on all mobile platforms.

Strongest analytics

We aggregate more than 150 million events every day

This is our big advantage, because we make all the important decisions such as optimizing a feature, based on the data from the collected statistics. We worked in big data and built ML-models before it was mainstream, which is why today our team is a lot more experienced in these areas than other studios. We aggregate more than 150 million events made by users daily, analyze all game metrics in real time, and can notice critical errors and fix them momentarily.


That's our specialty

You can't surprise anyone with a story-based game for social networks and mobile devices these days. But there are only just so many free games based on coherent stories and well-written characters. Our game designers aim at exciting story-telling. The stories are developed in the form of a series, so that our players can follow all game events even if they play sporadically and in short sessions. This is mostly what helps us to hold their attention for a long time.


  • 7 coffee machines have broken down in the last year under the pressure and effort of our hard-working employees
  • 20 Friday team get-togethers with board games and hookah in the last six months
  • 232 tasks introduced to JIRA daily on average
  • 26 cafes and restaurants within a 500 m radius of the office, where you can have lunch or relax after work

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