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Meet our heroes: Olivia, just a girl who got in the magic world by accident, next to her is Matt, half-man and half-cat, and Kichi, the nyak chief's youngest son. Don't mind that their friend Chris seems distracted – it is his normal state of mind.



The team is ready, but they need a vehicle! In the world of magic transport is unusual too. And a seemingly normal car turns out to be an entire mansion on the inside, with a lab and an office.

Кадры из игры Кадры из игры

Game world

It is very much like ours, but it has enchanted places all over. Magic is everywhere, it's just hidden from our eyes.


Unusual places

During the process of playing you discover various exciting locations: a village of warrior raccoons, a flying castle, a wasteland where magic is useless, etc.

Кадры из игры


During their adventures our friends often have to solve extraordinary tasks: make a dress for a troll's daughter or lull a dragon with fairy's songs.